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  • Avatar di Memyselfandme
    Oggi, 16:22
    Hello, you straight-laced lady, Dressed in white but your shoes aren't clean Painted them up with polish In the hope we can't see where you've been. The smiling face that you've worn To greet me rising at morning Send me out for my score Please me and say what it's for. Give me the...
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  • Avatar di Memyselfandme
    8/9/2022, 14:42
    Memyselfandme ha aperto la discussione Jethro Tull - Velvet Green nel forum Testi musicali
    Walking on velvet green. Scots pine growing. Isn't it rare to be taking the air, singing Walking on velvet green. Walking on velvet green. Distant cows lowing. Never a care, with your legs in the air, loving. Walking on velvet green. Won't you have my company, yes, take it in your...
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  • Avatar di Memyselfandme
    7/9/2022, 21:55
    Memyselfandme ha aperto la discussione Jethro Tull - Singing All Day nel forum Testi musicali
    Singing all day, singing 'bout nothing. Singing all day, singing 'bout nothing. Singing all day, singing 'bout nothing. Ooh, my, my, my. Ooh, my, my, my. West down to the station to look for her there; Looked through the crowds for a glimpse of her hair. Nothing to see but the crowds keep...
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  • Avatar di Memyselfandme
    7/9/2022, 15:53
    Memyselfandme ha aperto la discussione Jethro Tull - 17 nel forum Testi musicali
    I remember when we had a lot of things to do, Impressed by all the words we read And the heroes that we knew. Climb on to a dream, a dream of our own making, To find a place that we could later lose To whatever time would bring. We were seventeen and the cakeman Was affecting you,...
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  • Avatar di Memyselfandme
    7/9/2022, 15:32
    Memyselfandme ha aperto la discussione Jethro Tull - To Cry You a Song nel forum Testi musicali
    Flying so high, trying to remember How many cigarettes did I bring along? When I get down, I'll jump in a taxi cab, Driving through London town to cry you a song. It's been a long time, still shaking my wings. Well, I'm a glad bird, I got chances to ring. Closing my dream inside its...
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  • Avatar di Memyselfandme
    7/9/2022, 14:55
    Watery eyes of the last sighing seconds, Blue reflections mute and dim Beckon tearful child of wonder to Repentance of the sin. And the blind and lusty lovers of the great Eternal lie Go on believing nothing, since something Has to die. And the ape's curiosity money power wins And...
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  • Avatar di Memyselfandme
    7/9/2022, 14:25
    Memyselfandme ha aperto la discussione Jethro Tull - Son nel forum Testi musicali
    Oh I feel sympathy. Be grateful, My Son for what you get. Expression and passion. Two days for watching the sunset. When I was your age, amusement, We made for ourselves. Permission to breathe sir? Don't talk like that: I'm your old man. They'll soon be demobbed, Son, so join up As...
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  • Avatar di Memyselfandme
    7/9/2022, 14:04
    Memyselfandme ha aperto la discussione Chicago - Feel nel forum Testi musicali
    So everybody's pulling you in all direction You don't know how much longer to take it So you've learned how to fake it The smile on the outside's fading fast Like the things that you thought for sure would last But they didn't, you know something's missing Is it your life you're not...
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  • Avatar di Memyselfandme
    6/9/2022, 16:10
    Memyselfandme ha aperto la discussione Jethro Tull - Nothing To Say nel forum Testi musicali
    Everyday there's someone asking, What is there to do? Should I love or should I fight: Is it all the same to you? No, I say, I have the answer proven to Be true. But if I were to share it with you, You would stand to gain and I to lose. Oh I couldn't bear it so I've got nothing to say.
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  • Avatar di Memyselfandme
    6/9/2022, 15:51
    In days of peace: sweet smelling Summer nights Of wine and song, dusty pavements, Burning feet. Why am I crying? I want to know. How can I smile and make it right? For sixty days and eighty nights And not give in and lose the fight.
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  1. Hey! Ho letto con un "leggero" ritardo, scusamiiii
    Purtroppo non me lo ricordo, ho provato a smanettare ma non lo trovo
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