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Skin - Lost

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    Lady Stardust
    Donna 40 anni
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    Predefinito Skin - Lost

    What was I waiting for
    Waiting for the bubble to burst
    Over your stagnant pauses

    Can’t cure what your devil don’t see
    Or light a fire below the death of me
    We’ve shot through all over our causes

    Days spin through my heart
    That sever the love
    Kill all the pain with shame

    I won’t be lost without you
    I’ve found a way to get through
    Now I’m up and running
    Strong enough to walk away
    And leave you all alone
    I won’t be lost

    What were you waiting for
    Waiting for the straw to break
    Over the back of desperate ways

    You were a dream to me
    Now you’re nothing but a heart
    that bleeds
    I’ll wash you off and carry on

    And when I see you
    I find another reason
    To keep myself from getting lost in you

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