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Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, tonight

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    Lady Stardust
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    Predefinito Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, tonight

    Time is never time at all
    You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth
    And our lives are forever changed
    We will never be the same
    The more you change the less you feel
    Believe, believe in me, believe
    That life can change, that you're not stuck in vain
    We're not the same, we're different tonight
    Tonight, so bright
    And you know you're never sure
    But your sure you could be right
    If you held yourself up to the light
    And the embers never fade in your city by the lake
    The place where you were born
    Believe, believe in me, believe
    In the resolute urgency of now
    And if you believe there's not a chance tonight
    Tonight, so bright
    We'll crucify the insincere tonight
    We'll make things right, we'll feel it all tonight
    We'll find a way to offer up the night tonight
    The indescribable moments of your life tonight
    The impossible is possible tonight
    Believe in me as I believe in you, tonight

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    Overdose da FdT
    Donna 33 anni da Bolzano
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    abbastanza vecchia, ma bella!

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    Assuefatto da FdT
    Uomo 38 anni da Piacenza
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    Quote Originariamente inviata da Verdy
    abbastanza vecchia, ma bella!

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    Moderatrice Holly
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    questa canzone lascia senza parole

    Difficile dire se il mondo in cui viviamo sia una realtà o un sogno.

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    Overdose da FdT
    33 anni
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    bella, che è

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    Overdose da FdT
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    the impossible in possible tonight
    che bella

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    Dio Il Lupo
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    canzone favolosa.

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