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Jethro Tull - Minstrel In The Gallery

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    Overdose da FdT Kim
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    Predefinito Jethro Tull - Minstrel In The Gallery

    The minstrel in the gallery
    looked down upon the smiling faces.
    He met the gazes observed the spaces
    between the old men's cackle.

    Who would be a poor man, a beggarman, a thief -
    if he had a rich man in his hand.
    And who would steal the candy
    from a laughing baby's mouth
    if he could take it from the money man.
    Cross-eyed Mary goes jumping in again.
    She signs no contract
    but she always plays the game.
    She dines in Hampstead village
    on expense accounted gruel,
    and the jack-knife barber drops her off at school.

    Cross-eyed Mary finds it hard to get along.
    She's a poor man's rich girl
    and she'll do it for a song.
    She's a rich man stealer
    and her favour's good and strong:
    She's the Robin Hood of Highgate -
    helps the poor man get along.

    Cross-eyed Mary

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