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forgotten tomb - alone

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    Donna 35 anni da Milano
    Iscrizione: 5/5/2006
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    Predefinito forgotten tomb - alone

    Once again life is killing me
    This time I know there's no way back
    Left alone, abandoned
    Without any chance in tomorrow

    You're gone forever
    As I try to find a reason for this
    Endlessly wondering why
    You burned away all I was living for

    Remembrances are all I still own of you
    As I lie in my bed, drunk, confused
    Flashes of our past passing before my eyes
    Just like dying, endlessly dreaming of you

    Dreaming of forgotten words and smiles
    Trying to push away the need to harm myself
    I feel is growing deep inside of me
    I feel I will have to carve this pain upon my skin

    Loneliness arises from the past
    I will not bear this torment longer
    As I try to sleep to heal this madness
    But this bed now seems to be like my tomb

    Now I know it's all too late to save me
    I keep on dreaming of past years
    I can't feel that warmth anymore
    You turned my existence in a terminal disease

    I know all I once called life ends today
    As you disappear forever, flying far away
    All emotions inside of me are dead and gone
    I can't stand this silence, but now I'm alone
    I'm alone

    Where have you gone when I needed you?
    Never again

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