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Over It - Wrong Way

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    Donna 31 anni da Piacenza
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    Predefinito Over It - Wrong Way

    wrong way on a one way,
    street lights luminate this night.
    When we're here side by side,
    Each moment breathes new life.
    So get right, all that you like.
    Cause I know we share more than smiles,
    And all this down-time gives us reason to confide
    Everything I can fit onto one line.

    Watch the sun set over wasted time
    Wish upon a California sky
    I think you know this time
    I'm through with wasted time
    And it may take one last night
    What goes around comes back again in time.

    Should I whisper our secret
    It ain't hard to see your heart would know.
    Its never easy to forget mistakes and afford some room to grow.
    In a heartbeat, on the heels of each soft word to break the quiet.
    I remember a season I forgot...and it fills me up with fire.
    I'll never fear the night, never fear the night with you.

    A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.

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