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erika - i don't know

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    Predefinito erika - i don't know

    I'm not a baby anymore
    I'm not as innocent as before
    I see it in the mirror in my room
    And I could feel it stronger in my soul

    But I'm not so ready for this world
    Now I see things I didn't see before
    I need an explanation tell me more
    Why I'm in love now
    I don't know

    How can I live forever?
    I don't know
    Where can I find the heaven?
    I don't know
    What is going to happen
    I don't know

    Why I'm in love now
    I don't know

    I live through my diary
    And I read
    There are my little problems
    I want to live my feelings
    Day by day
    I let you give emotions in my way

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