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Ian Anderson - Made In England

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    Predefinito Ian Anderson - Made In England

    Somewhere in a town in England
    Lay a baby with a curious smile.
    He was of your father's children
    Born each side of a dry-stone smile.

    He grew up through the schools and factories.
    Brunel's tunnels and bridges bold.
    Grey towers built high on that Kingdom
    With apartments still unsold.

    Somewhere in a town in England,
    Could be Newcastle, Leeds or Bimingham.
    And were you made in
    England's green and pleasant land.

    He accepts no unemployment
    And is to indeterminate station bred.
    Is possessed of skills and reason
    Flies the flag upon his head.

    Watches the democratic process
    Grind its way through the commons cold
    Filled with fiery infiltrators
    Who would pave the streets with
    England's gold.

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