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Jethro Tull - Inside

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    FdT svezzato Luca Canetti
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    Predefinito Jethro Tull - Inside

    All the places I’ve been make it hard to begin
    To enjoy life again on the inside,
    But I mean to….
    Take a walk around the block and be glad that I’ve got me some time
    To be in from the outside,
    And inside with you

    I’m sitting in the corner feeling glad,
    Got no money coming in but I can’t be sad
    So far is the best cup of coffee I ever had
    And I don’t worry about this thing cause we’ve got it made
    Here on the inside, outside so far away

    And we’ll laugh and we’ll sing, get someone to bring
    Our friends here for tea in the evening
    Old Jeffrey makes three
    Take a walk in the park, does the wind into dark
    Sound like music to you?
    Well I’m thinking it does to me….

    Can you cook, can you sew -
    Well I don’t want to know
    That is not what you need on the inside
    To make the time go
    Counting lambs, counting sheep we will fall into sleep
    And we awake to a new day of living
    And loving you so.

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