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Queen - Khashoggi's ship

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    FdT svezzato Luca Canetti
    Uomo 39 anni
    Iscrizione: 6/5/2012
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    Predefinito Queen - Khashoggi's ship

    Who said that my party was all over, huh, huh
    I'm in pretty good shape
    The best years of my life are like a supernova
    Huh, huh, perpetual craze, I said that
    Everybody drunk my wine - you get my drift
    And then we took a holiday on the Khashoggi's ship - well
    We really had a good good time they was all so sexy
    We was bad, we was blitzed
    All in all it was a pretty good trip
    This big bad sucker with a fist as big as your head
    Wanted to get me, I said go
    I said kiss my ass honey
    He pulled out a gun, wanted to arrest me
    I said uh, uh, babe
    Now listen, no-one stops my party
    No-one stops my party
    No-one, no-one, no-one stops my party
    Just like I said
    We were phased, we was pissed
    Just having a total eclipse
    This one's on me so let us do it just right
    This here one party don't get started 'till midnight
    Party to the left -
    Party to the right -
    Left - right
    Left - right
    No - one stops my.....

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