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Deuce - The One

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    Donna 32 anni da Piacenza
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    Predefinito Deuce - The One

    I see the sickness in the signs
    The dead weight in line
    Like the sickness in my mind
    Homosexuals and liars
    Fuck playing for reasons
    Fuck playing for Jesus
    Let me shine like a god, like a leader
    I'll burn a hole through your cross
    My souls already lost
    And it's funny 'cuz they're saying 'He's hott.'
    But they don't see the fucking tears that I've cried
    And they don't hear me when I scream when I die
    I wanna live good, I wanna live right
    My insecurities are eatin' me alive
    I need a friend, someone close to my heart
    That'll help me through my struggles
    You can help me through my times

    I'm supposed to be the one who brings us all together
    Weak or strong, not just a song
    We sing along when things go wrong
    You will need me when you fall
    And I will need you when I'm wrong
    Tears lead me on
    They let me lead you so far
    Weak or strong, I'll hold your arm

    I already found the devil, he's my best friend
    He taught me how to leave, but I don't wanna end
    I want a pill for every bad thought
    For every chick I fucked
    For every time I lost
    Don't think I'm broken, 'cuz I'm not
    Got milk? Got problems?
    Problems is all that I got
    You're looking down on a barrel of a bent pole
    Take my hand, I promise that I'll go slow
    When you looked too close you end up with a broke soul
    'Cuz in the end it's certain where all the souls go
    Maybe you can show me how to live right
    And come see how it all ends wrong


    I'll take you to a place so warm
    Like the insides of a baby unborn
    The bible keeps telling me 'Don't go!'
    They don't know what I know, what?
    You won't reap what I sew, what?
    You won't cease when I blow, yup!
    I won't leave when you go, nope!
    Come with me, let us go home


    A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.

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