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Bombshell Rocks - Upsidedown

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    Predefinito Bombshell Rocks - Upsidedown

    Frustration is breathing down my neck
    It's right behind just like a shadow
    Frustration keeps me company
    Wherever I walk it seem to follow

    When I turn around
    I see all these people
    waiting for salvation to come
    And if you take a look
    they're moving like robots
    Waiting for directions from someone

    Turn, gotta turn it
    Let's turn
    Turn the world upsidedown

    I'm stuck as I stand and watch
    the worldwide circus from a distance
    I wanna be out there like in my dreams
    But I'm sure gonna need some assistance

    We're gonna fall
    You know, where gonna fall
    But let's climb back up again

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