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Interpol - Say Hello To The Angels

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    Moderatrice Holly
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    Predefinito Interpol - Say Hello To The Angels

    I want your silent parts
    The parts the birds love
    I know there's such a place

    I had my back turned
    You didn't realize
    I'm lonely

    You lack the things
    To which I relate
    But I see no harm

    Come wait, come wait, come wait
    It's over. me

    When I'm feeling lazy, it's probably because,
    I'm saving all my energy to pick up when you move into my airspace
    You move into my airspace

    And something's coming over me, I see you in the doorway
    I can't control the part of me that swells up when you move into my airspace
    You move into my airspace

    But each night, I bury my love around you...
    You're linked to my innocence

    This is a concept
    This is a bracelet
    This isn't no intervention

    This isn't you yet
    What you thought was such a conquest
    You're hair is so pretty and red
    Baby, baby you're really the best...

    Can I get there this way?
    I think so

    We should take a trip now to see new places
    I'm sick of this town
    I see my face has changed.

    Say hello, say hello, to the angels.
    Difficile dire se il mondo in cui viviamo sia una realtà o un sogno.

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    Lady Stardust
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    E' la mia canzone del momento, la amo.

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