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edguy - the piper never dies

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    Predefinito edguy - the piper never dies

    Oh Yeah...

    Thirsting for salvation
    You're off to find the stairway
    Novice on your never ending ride
    Whatever you may find dare to take it higher
    Here's your instigation on your trip into the light

    Standing at the temple
    Where the wizard shall arise
    You listen to the beauty of a song
    A melody of promise calling from the dark
    Tear down the portal and then go on

    Come and fly away with me
    And your eyes are gonna see it all
    And sleep with the fire - do you feel me
    Go obtain divinity, be the one you wanna be
    And don't be afraid to give in

    And ride into the shadows
    The piper never dies, never dies
    Ride into the shadows
    The piper never dies, never dies

    Entites are screaming, enticing from inside
    Creatures you had never ever seen
    And on the back of houghtiness
    You leave into the light
    The spirit on a mission in the shell of a beast

    The ferryman is gentle
    And promises are made
    The other side may hold a lot to see
    He's gonna take you over
    And then he'll name the fare
    Oh you gamble with the devil, fool
    The ferryman is me

    Come and fly away...

    Balance on the edge of day and night
    Not afraid of falling
    Time has come to see all wrong from right
    Something's calling
    Heaven and hell is it all the same
    And just a different grade
    Now I gotta know the point of change
    Where love turns to hate

    Balance on the edge of day and night
    Dive into the haze and kiss the light
    Many of the tales you've been told
    Never written for the brave and bold
    Come and take my hand tonight
    Come and sleep with me tonight
    Certainly I'm gonna take you there
    Showing you around everywhere

    Do you belive that you're devil may care
    As you jump into the fire
    Do you belive that you're devil may care
    As you jump into the fire

    Dreamer, dreamer, dreamer...

    Ride into the shadows... You go on - into the night

    Alright, the piper never dies, I got you hypnotised
    Come with me and witness, see Babylon arise

    The whore is fading light, let us step inside
    O got you paralysed child, the piper never dies

    The pied piper plays the song, beatiful but strong
    He was never born, never he'll be gone

    Oh the pied piper never dies
    He never dies, never dies...

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