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Jethro Tull - Jack-A-Lynn

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    FdT svezzato Luca Canetti
    Uomo 36 anni
    Iscrizione: 6/5/2012
    Messaggi: 258
    Piaciuto: 14 volte

    Predefinito Jethro Tull - Jack-A-Lynn

    Cold aeroplanes, slow boats, warm trains
    Remind me of Jack-A-Lynn.
    Plush hotels and pretty girls
    Won't cheer the misty mood I'm in.
    Silly, sad - I've never had to say this before -
    Oh Jack-A-Lynn.

    Funny how long nights allow
    Thoughts of Jack-A-Lynn.
    When phantoms tread around my bed
    To offer restless dream they bring.
    And it's just the time and place to find
    A sad song to play for Jack-A-Lynn.

    Magpies that shrick, old boots that leak
    Call me to Jack-A-Lynn.
    Coal-black cats in policemen's hats -
    Nosing where the mice have been.
    And the long miaow's beginning now
    And I'm far, far from home
    And Jack-A-Lynn.

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